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Helmetheading out on a ride!

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How do these Helmet Mohawks and Tails work?

Helmet Heads mohawks and tails attach in different ways.  Look below to see how each type attaches to your helmet and what they look like up close when attached.


Pic of a Rubber Warhawk Warhawks are what we call the rubber mohawks like Chris' "lizard head" as he calls it, on the left.

They are stuck on semi-permanently -- meaning, you stick them on once and they do not come off unless you forcibly remove them, which would probably damage the double-stick tape that is used to hold them on. (if you did this carefully though, there's no reason you couldn't stick the warhawk back on using suitable double-stick tape).

When mounted properly and carefully the warhawk will last a long, long time and become a permanent conversation piece whenever you ride!

Here's some more detail on attaching it properly.

Ponytails / Pigtails

Ponytails or pig tails are what we call the "hairpiece" pictured at the right.  Note: This is actually one "pigtail" which comes in a set of two.  Krysia like others uses one of the pair as a backup.  This ponytail pictured is about 6 months old with about 5,000kms on it.

These tails attach with special heavy-duty suction cups similar to ones you might find on a GPS mount, with a screw-in element that really cranks up the suction.

Properly installed the tail will stay on a long time but like a GPS mount they do need occasional re-seating -- the suction cup can work loose, although in practice if done right & cared for this is perhaps once every month or so.

Here's some more shots showing how it's installed.


 Spikes and Fibre Optic Mohawks

Picture of Rob's Sharky Spike Strip Spike Strips like the one pictured (Sharky!) are the rowdy ones in the family.  They are semi-permanently attached like the Warhawks.

Also like the Warhawks, a properly installed and maintained spike strip will look great for years and is a guaranteed double-take and/or conversation starter when you take your lid off.

These are metal spikes and a leather-like strip in most cases, which like the Warhawks is trimmed to length.

Click here for some more shots of Rob's Sharky spike strip as installed on his helmet almost 1 year ago.


 Suction Cup Mohawks

Suction cup mohawks are great fun for any glossy finish lid!  They are instant stick-on head-turners.

To the right is Joey's black mohawk.  He's had his on there for about 9 months although his lid spends more time in the closet it seems, probably about 3,000 kms or so on this mohawk.

A common worry is "will it fly off at speed?" and the answer is definitely not!  If you stick it on properly, the manufacturer claims 200 miles per hour.  In our much calmer tests, all legal speed limits in Australia are definitely safe, in headwinds, side winds, and with all the silly contortions a 12/13 year old can manage.

Click here for a few more details about Suction Cup Mohawks.